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Michael M. Barlow - Officiant

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    Invocation, Religious, Hand Ceremony, Hand Binding, Hand Fasting, Sand Ceremony, Wine Ceremony, Rose Ceremony, Candle Lighting Ceremony, Blended Family Sand Ceremony, Children Honoring, Apache Marriage Blessing, Navajo Prayer, The Bridge Across Forever and many more.

    Basic fee for services starts at $400.  Prices do not include rehearsal and in some instances, travel time.

    Testimonials and Memories


    -Dear Reverend Mike,

    Thank you so much for your kindness, thoughtfulness and professionalism that made our wedding day so special.  It was just perfect.  We are so happy that you were able to officiate such a happy day for us. 

    Love Ya,  Bob and Michele.

    -Reverend Barlow         

    You made our wedding day a fairy tale that can never be forgotten.  Thank you so much for working with all the children and keeping them focused on our special day.  You have a true blessing and we hope our paths will one day cross again.  

    Fondly,  Cathy and Rich.

    -Dear Michael

    Thank you for being so sensitive to our needs on our special day.  We appreciate the attention to detail that you brought to our wonderful ceremony.  You really listened.   

    Many thanks, Molly and Ted

    About Michael...


    I have several years experience in performing both marriage and commitment ceremonies.  I can accommodate any faith or belief and I encourage suggestions to make your ceremony  even more special.  Let’s work together to find the best path to a beautiful ceremony.  Location, time and atmosphere are as important to me as they are to you.    I am located in Wilmington and happy to travel to Pennsylvania , Southern New Jersey, Delaware and Northern Maryland.  I am available for rehearsals upon request.

    Let us create a memory that will last always and forever for you.

    Members of the LGBT community are welcome. 

    Thank you for visiting my site, I look forward to hearing from you.

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